As SEO professionals, we help businesses be seen and flourish. This time around, we get to lend society a hand in an even bigger way.

What is the SEO Hero Challenge?

The SEO Hero Challenge is the brainchild of WIX, a web development company. The idea is simple: SEO professionals from anywhere around the world can create a website about how members of the SEO industry can be heroes. The site that ranks highest on average for the search term SEO Hero at 12:00PM ET and 20:00PM ET each day from March 13 to 15, 2017 will be declared the winner.

All participants have to comply with Google’s SEO guidelines, as well as the contest’s own provisions (to be monitored by Eran Hurvitz, CEO of MRKT360 INC). Each entry must also abide by the following prerequisites:


Domain must be purchased on or after November 16, 2016. Note that the submission of entries was completed between November 16 and December 16, 2016.


An account with Google Analytics and Google search console by February 16, 2017 to be connected to participant’s SEO Hero website.

What’s up for grabs?


A cool $50,000 goes to the winner of the WIX SEO Hero Challenge for demonstrating mastery over the principles of SEO. An exciting sum, to be sure, but we’d like to put it to better use. $50,000 can go a long way to help children affected by the Syrian war.

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The Cause

The war in Syria began from a peaceful uprising in 2011. From then, it has escalated into a conflict that, according to the United Nations, has killed at least 250,000 people and displaced 4.8

million civilians as the world watches on from social media and other online channels. We are updated of the latest news about the conflict as they happen and yet so many feel powerless to help.

The Mission

In the truest spirit of “SEO Hero”, we intend to band SEO and other online professionals from all over the world together in an effort to win the WIX SEO Hero Challenge.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help Syria by channeling the very connectedness that keeps us informed about the war. SEO professionals from all over the world organize the boundless information available in the internet, making them readily available to anyone looking. They also know just how much power there is in getting the word around, in spreading awareness.

In a lot of ways, SEO professionals are the perfect heroes to help Syria’s children.

If we win the SEO Hero Challenge, we’ll donate the full $50,000 prize to Karam Foundation, a non-profit organization that seeks to rebuild Syria for its people, especially the children.

The Karam Foundation

Karam means generosity in Arabic. And true to their name, the foundation, which was founded in 2007 in Chicago, has been helping communities in need, starting with a food drive on the south side of Chicago in its early years. Today, they also help communities across the western part of Asia, including Syria. Apart from distributing aid, the foundation also developed innovative education programs for the Syrian youth refugees and continues to fund sustainable development projects for Syrian families.

Among their programs is to encourage families to sponsor a Syrian refugee. There are around one million Syrian refugee children today who need not just aid but long-term support such as education and other future-building tools. Karam itself is sponsoring over 200 refugee children to go to school. This can be done by donating $50 a month.

Karam also distributes emergency aid to the communities of Aleppo, a rebel stronghold. The foundation also believes in providing “smart aid” or programs that are sustainable and respond to the needs of the population. They are also building a Karam House, which is expected to be finished this 2017. It is a space of healing for survivors traumatized by violence and displacement.

The road to healing and rebuilding of Syria is long. But by being SEO Heroes, you can make things a little better by letting civilians and refugees know that the world cares.

How can we Help?

  • seo hero talk


    SEO professionals are invaluable sources of information and insight on the value of spreading awareness for a cause. One of the most valuable contributions you can make to our cause is a little of your time to answer a few questions about what being an SEO Hero means. Let the world get to know you a little better, and share a bit of what motivates you as an SEO professional. Show the world what it’s like to be an SEO Hero!

  • share seo hero


    SEO professionals know the power of spreading awareness for a cause--it’s basically their job! More importantly, SEO professionals do it best. That’s exactly why you can help by sharing SEO Hero. Get the word out. Share the SEO Hero page on social media. Share the blog posts.

    Imagine your fellow SEO Heroes doing the same. Not only will that get us closer to winning the WIX SEO Hero Challenge for the children of Syria, you’re also spreading awareness about the conflict.

  • embed seo hero


    You can also show your support for the cause by embedding our badge on your website. As you undoubtedly know, backlinks factor highly in Google’s ranking system. The SEO Hero badge on your website is a great help towards our goal. Go ahead and show your support by heading to our Supporters page for the embed code.

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Do your part. Be an SEO Hero.

Help us. Help the children of Syria. Winning the WIX SEO Hero Challenge isn’t just proof of how much SEO professionals can achieve when they work towards one goal. It’s also proof of the good that SEO is capable of.

We sent out the call for SEO Heroes, and many have already answered. Count yourself among these SEO Heroes. Sign up now!

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