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  • Blog - Hero Talk Part 13: SEO and Beyond!

    Hero Talk Part 13: SEO and Beyond!

    Heroes come in every shape and color. Here, we meet more from the SEO industry and some from outside of it. Nevertheless, they all have a firm grasp of what an SEO Hero should be from their unique perspectives. (more…)

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  • Blog - Hero Talk Part 12: What Defines a Hero

    Hero Talk Part 12: What Defines a Hero

    Being a hero can mean a lot of different things. Sometimes it can mean working all day under the sun to earn enough money to be able to send his children to a nice school. Here are another set of individuals who answered the call on becoming an SEO Hero and shared their insights on how digital marketing can make a big difference to the world from here on. (more…)

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  • Blog - Hero Talk Part 11: A Noble Perspective

    Hero Talk Part 11: A Noble Perspective

    Being a hero isn’t a matter of having superpowers. It’s a mindset. It’s the inner drive to make life better for others. Here are five more SEO Heroes, and they’ll share their unique way of seeing the world–and the desire to make it better.   (more…)

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  • Blog - The Complete Guide to the Wix SEO Hero Challenge

    The Complete Guide to the Wix SEO Hero Challenge

    If SEO is your bread and butter as a marketing expert, content specialist, website engineer, or any other digital professional, you may have heard of the SEO Hero Challenge that’s been going on since late last year. It has intrigued people from different corners of the Internet, and some really impressive contenders have entered the fray to be recognized as true SEO heroes.   We usually think an SEO Hero is someone who generates solid first-page rankings. That’s what they do. But maybe it’s also important to ask why they do it. Of course, money is very enticing, and there’s also the satisfaction of getting to the top along with the chance to hone and improve one’s skills—all of which they stand to gain from joining the SEO Hero Challenge. And in order to do well, of course, they’ve got to really understand what they’re getting into.   Who Issued the Challenge? Photo courtesy of gratisography via Pixabay   The industry-wide challenge came from, a company offering a cloud-based development platform for people to create and maintain a professional-quality website.   Why Are They Doing It? According to the contest guidelines, the purpose of the contest is to determine which of the challenger websites will be ranked first on Google for the term “SEO HERO” at the end of the contest. That doesn’t say what the intention behind the contest is, of course; the Wix team themselves explained that on their blog last year.   In the post, they claimed that they can provide the “best SEO for your website.” Citing different tools they provide to let users work on their websites, they said that countless clients of theirs have topped the ranks for the keywords in their search terms. Of course, many people would question that claim, which is why they put their money where their mouth is by making an industry-wide bet. They launched a website optimized for “SEO Hero” in December, and it remains to be seen whether it’s a good enough effort or whether they’ll end up paying a more deserving SEO specialist or team.   How Does it Work? Photo courtesy of succo via Pixabay   The challenge is actually pretty simple. As mentioned earlier, SEO experts and professionals around the world have been invited to try and create a site that outranks the Wix website on the search rankings. To be more specific, the Wix team is offering a $50,000 award to the site that gets to the top of the SERPs for the key phrase “SEO Hero.” Each participant has to come up with their own website, whose domain should have been registered on or after November 16, 2016.   Over the duration of the contest, the domain’s got to be maintained and promoted following Google’s guidelines for SEO. If you entered the contest and you commit any activity that violates those guidelines, forget about getting that prize, because you’ll be disqualified. The contest is a skills-based challenge, so you have to win without using cheats like spambots, keyword stuffing, or the like. Of course, if you didn’t manage to register before December 16, then that’s tough luck because registration is closed.   What Kinds of Sites Are Allowed? Since the contest is global, only English-language websites are accepted. The site can be dedicated to the participant’s SEO hero, an expert that the participant respects. But the rules don’t say that entries should be restricted to that. Other angles can be explored: it could be a how-to SEO guide, like what the Wix team came up with, or it could be a cause-oriented site dedicated to a certain advocacy such as the crisis in Syria. Whatever floats your boat, or whatever you’re passionate about, you can go for it.   Saying that, the rules do spell out that the participating websites should be clean. Content that is derogatory, violent, explicit, discriminatory or profane is not allowed. Sites that promote substance abuse or the use of firearms are also not acceptable. Violations of copyright or stolen intellectual property, derogatory messaging directed at others, and any other content that goes against applicable laws or legal terms (that includes the Facebook terms of service, by the way) are also prohibited.   How Will the Winner be Chosen? Photo courtesy of Skitterphoto via Pexels   Before February 16, all contest participants must have opened accounts in Google Analytics and Google Search Console, which should be associated with their Hero Website and made accessible to the contest moderator.   From March 13 to March 15, at 12 noon and 8 PM ET each day, the moderator will search the term “SEO hero” using Google search. The domain name of the participating Hero website that ranks highest on Google’s organic search (not including local search results) will be documented; if the top-ranking site is one that’s been disqualified previously, then it won’t count.   At the end of that assessment period, the participant to rank at the top the most number of times will be declared the winner. Should there be a tie between more than one Hero website, then another search will be conducted on March 16. Whichever one of those final websites gets the top ranking during that search event will be the overall victor.   Conclusion In the end, there can only be one winner—assuming the WIX SEO Hero website is outranked on the SERPs, which is probable given how many participants there are. But in another sense, everyone wins, because taking on the challenge can help participants change for the better, whether in terms of their attitude toward their profession or their actual skill.   No one’s stopping you from being an SEO champion. At the end of the SEO Hero WIX contest, you can use your momentum to keep optimizing. Who knows? By striving to be an SEO hero, maybe you can rekindle a passion you thought you’d lost, or find new meaning in being an SEO specialist.

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  • Blog - Hero Talk Part 10: SEO Heroes on the Rise

    Hero Talk Part 10: SEO Heroes on the Rise

    You know what they say about power and responsibility. SEO professionals are capable of big things, shifting the strength of businesses and industries with some well-placed keywords. With this amazing power comes the responsibility to make the Internet a much better place for the rest of us. These five people know the stakes, and they embrace their responsibility. Let’s meet them.   (more…)

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  • Blog - Hero Talk Part 9: Meet the Emerging SEO Heroes

    Hero Talk Part 9: Meet the Emerging SEO Heroes

    Our new SEO Heroes are emerging from the rest of the Digital Marketers around the world. With wit and  philosophy on SEO, they make the industry a fruitful place to work for. This time around, they are one with us in supporting a noble cause. Be one of our SEO heroes by joining the Hero Contest. Read on. (more…)

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  • Blog - Hero Talk Part 8: SEO Hero Storytelling

    Hero Talk Part 8: SEO Hero Storytelling

    As the days of the SEO Hero challenge go by, we’ve been getting more SEO professionals taking the cause to set aside rivalries to lend a hand to the children of Syria. Along the way, we’ve come to meet amazing people with inspiring stories that not only hint at great passion for SEO, but also at life in general. Here are five more SEO Heroes who have shared a bit of their story.   (more…)

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  • Blog - Hero Talk Part 7: The Propelrr Team Steps Up!

    Hero Talk Part 7: The Propelrr Team Steps Up!

    A while ago, we sent out the call for SEO professionals all over the world to contribute their own perspective of what makes an SEO Hero. Now, things come full circle and it’s time for the Propelrr team to have a go at it for the kids of Syria.   (more…)

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  • Blog - Hero Talk Part 6: New SEO Heroes Joined The Cause

    Hero Talk Part 6: New SEO Heroes Joined The Cause

    As we welcome the new year, another set of professionals who wants to be an SEO Hero have shared their voices and stepped up in taking the call. Setting up as an example of what the community can do to lend a helping hand to the children in Syria. Kudos to the supporters who have wholeheartedly offered their time in making this possible. Happy New Year!     (more…)

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  • Blog - How the Online Community Can Hero Up Amid the Syrian Conflict

    How the Online Community Can Hero Up Amid the Syrian Conflict

    There’s something about wars and armed conflicts that make people tune out as fast they are faced with it. They seem so distant and therefore indifferent to the rest of the world. This is especially true with regard to conflicts and bombings in Western Asia, where Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq can be found. People have this impression that there’s always been hostilities in that part of the world anyway, so what’s the fuss about it now?   Thank goodness for social media and the online community. What we can choose not to read in a newspaper or watch on TV is right there on our social feeds, one place we can’t seem to escape. The unrest in Syria was brought at the forefront with a poignant and heartbreaking photo of a little boy from the rebel stronghold of Aleppo. After being rescued, he sat there motionless, bloodied and unable to cry. That photo made the rounds in social media so fast and in an instant, the world paid attention to the war-stricken nation and the plight of the civilians there especially the children in Syria.   Photo courtesy of Christiaan Triebert via Flickr   It all started with a peaceful uprising against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in March 2011. Syrians complained about the rise of unemployment, massive corruption, and repression. The cry for the president’s resignation was met with violence and deadly force from government troops. The crackdown of what al-Assad claimed were “foreign-backed terrorists” intensified and violence escalated. The intervention of regional and global powers made the situation even more tense. It was no longer just a battle of pro and anti-government forces, foreign intervention has also turned Syria into a proxy battleground.   The United Nations reported that at least 250,000 people have been killed in the past five years. More than 4.8 million people fled Syria and went to bordering nations, resulting in the largest refugee exodus in history. Syrian children refugees are obviously among the most vulnerable victims. Today, rebels control four of the biggest cities in Syria including Aleppo. However, large parts of the country including smaller provinces are also being held by armed groups.   As a regular office worker chained to a desk, how do you make sense of all of these? And more importantly, what can you do? So many of us feel helpless just by the fact that it’s so far from us. So many of us refuse to care just because well, it doesn’t happen to anyone you know, so why bother? But digital and social media brings the world closer. With it, distance is not a factor. And the online community has figured out many ways to make people care and empower them to do something about it. Yes, you have a role to play and it only takes one click.   Donate aid online   Don’t be so jurassic and think that you should go to Syria to donate or mail your donation with the hope that it reaches the survivors. There are a lot of online aid programs where you can make a donation. Whatever amount you can spare will make a whole world of difference. You can make secure donations through UNCHR, Save The Children, Karam Foundation, Syrian Community Network, and a lot more. Most charities hope to save Syria’s children and provide for their needs, from food to learning materials.   Tell the world about it   People have to keep talking about Syria online. These days, if something is not being talked about on social media, it does not exist. Share stories and content that will educate people about what’s going on in Syria and what this Syrian crisis means to kids especially. Spread the news and share information of how people around the world can help Syrian children and refugees. Direct them to links where they can donate. Promote a hashtag too and make it trend to highlight the situation.   Appeal to the emotions   Photo courtesy of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation via Flickr   Engage people about what’s happening in Syria by constantly feeding them human interest and emotional accounts of the tension there. YouTube videos of mass graves and emotional rescues are especially gripping. People need to see beyond bombings. People need to feel the tension. They have to be saddened, angered, and enraged if they were to act on it. Keep track of the news that are of great human interest and share them online.   One story at a time   Humans of New York, a massively popular social media page, raised awareness of the war in Syria by featuring Syrian refugees. The story of one Refaai Hamo moved actor Edward Norton that he started a campaign to support Hamo’s family. Hamo was even invited to witness President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union address.   It is not difficult to look for similar people to feature. What makes this so strong is that it is extremely personal and emotional. On your page or website, share stories of actual people. People need to see that real human beings, such as themselves and their families, are being persecuted and thrown out of their homes.   Support refugees’ pages   Photo courtesy of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation via Flickr   Syrian refugees have smartphones and are on social media themselves. Remember when they posted “goodbye” messages? In fact, they even use social media and technology to map out where they are going to flee. They even created Facebook pages such as the Zaatari Camp Coordination that serves as a media outlet for the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan. Keep track of their pages and share them. This will make people realize that they can reach out to survivors and refugees. This will also show the world what’s currently happening there through the survivors’ accounts.   Be an SEO Hero   Digital marketers and SEO professionals can also join and sign up to be an SEO Hero. The SEO Hero Contest was a challenge of WIX, a cloud-based web development platform, to SEO companies and professionals. If they can outrank WIX for the search term “SEO Hero,” a hefty prize of $50,000 awaits them. team joined and created a website where SEO professionals could sign up. Should they win, they committed to donate the full prize to Karam Foundation, a group that provides much-needed aid to Syrian children. This is the perfect way for SEO professionals to get together and help children in Syria have a better future.   Learn more and be an advocate   The more you understand about the crisis in Syria, the more you feel like it is your responsibility to do your part. Continue reading up about Syria in news pages. Be an advocate by starting your own fundraising online with friends and family or even starting a social media page to increase awareness.   There are many ways you can do to help Syrian children and refugees. The Internet and social media are powerful tools that have changed the whole war landscape. These are also the tools you can use to raise awareness and contribute to a cause.

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Do your part. Be an SEO Hero.

Help us. Help the children of Syria. Winning the WIX SEO Hero Challenge isn’t just proof of how much SEO professionals can achieve when they work towards one goal. It’s also proof of the good that SEO is capable of.

We sent out the call for SEO Heroes, and many have already answered. Count yourself among these SEO Heroes. Sign up now!