Join The Wix Challenge and Be an SEO Hero


That haunting image of a young boy —bloodied, covered in dust, and so shocked he couldn’t even cry — is all it took for the world to take notice of the war in Syria. Most recently, “goodbye” messages, a desperate cry for help, from the residents also made the rounds in social media.


seo hero syria kidsPhoto courtesy of Willy Verhulst via Flickr


You are probably among those who were saddened, angered, and shared the viral posts. But if you are an SEO professional, you can do so much more for the civilians, especially the children in Syria, who are trapped in a crisis that United Nations referred to as a “complete meltdown of humanity.” SEO professionals know all too well that digital marketing can effect real change. Remember the Ice bucket challenge that earned over $200-Million globally for ALS? The world wouldn’t care as much for Aleppo if not for the gripping and emotional posts on digital media. This is the perfect time for SEO professionals to be SEO Heroes.


The SEO Hero Contest was an initiative of WIX, a cloud-based web development platform. It challenged SEO professionals to create a website and outrank them for the search term “SEO hero.” A hefty price of $50,000 awaits the winning website. Among them is, an initiative of Propelrr, a digital marketing company in the Philippines, which committed to donating the entire amount to Karam Foundation, a group that provides much-needed aid to save Syria’s children.


This is an exciting way to help Syrian children. Online professionals globally are encouraged to join, not only to help spread the story of the Syrian people at this difficult time, but also to directly contribute to the mission of Karam Foundation to build a better Syria. Here’s how you can be a hero.


Know how you can help


SEO professionals know a lot about helping brands and businesses flourish. But have you ever thought of how your SEO skills can change the world? Lend society a hand by supporting the SEO Hero challenge. Read up and learn about the challenge and how your fellow SEO professionals are sharing their talents to make a stand. Learn more about SEO Hero.


Find an organization that cares


Digital marketing people at Propelrr, miles away from Syria, cares. They took on WIX’s challenge and reached out to SEO professionals everywhere to help them mount a campaign that seeks to donate to Karam Foundation. It helps to know that when the world cries for help, there are people just like you who are committed to answer the call. Get to know supporters of this cause and be inspired.


Share the cause


Let the world know about what’s happening in Syria by sharing the cause. All it takes is one click.  Tell people, your fellow SEO professionals, about the cause and what a simple gesture of signing up could do for Syria. Winning the WIX contest is a bold first step towards building a better future for the children of Syria.


Promote the website


SEO professionals know the importance of sharing content and they definitely know a thing about making something trend online. If you can make businesses flourish, you can surely make this cause be heard too. Share the website on social media and your personal websites. The more people talking and promoting the cause, the more people will be interested in joining. There’s also a badge you can share to demonstrate your support for the Syrian children.


Let your voice be heard


Supporters are encouraged to talk about their concept of being a “hero” and how SEO professionals can be among them. In “Hero Talk,” SEO professionals on board are interviewed and asked how they think the professional practice can help make a difference. It is very inspiring to hear about online professionals talk about what they think is their impact on society and learn about their vision to be of greater service to humanity.


Empower the youth


The good thing about this movement is that it is lead by young professionals or millennials, who have always been regarded as selfish and narcissistic. But causes like this certainly prove the world wrong. There are a lot of youth organizations doing diligent work to help Syria, mostly establishing online fundraisers to help the war-stricken nation. SEO heroes can help empower more young people to contribute and do their part by providing them with a platform that they are comfortable with.


Tell your friends about it


It’s a small world out there for SEO professionals. The next time you meet a friend doing SEO work to help businesses thrive, tell him about the Syrian conflict and tell him he can help Syrian children get back some normalcy in their lives. Tell him about the SEO Hero challenge and how he can be part of it.


Join and sign up


It takes just a few minutes to sign up and be a hero. All you need to do is to provide your name and email. Be ready to share the SEO story and utilize your talent for a higher purpose and help the children of Syria.


Never feel helpless about anything, especially if you can utilize Internet and social media to spread positivity. SEO professionals have the power to make a change not just in their respective industries, but in the world.

Do your part. Be an SEO Hero.

Help us. Help the children of Syria. Winning the WIX SEO Hero Challenge isn’t just proof of how much SEO professionals can achieve when they work towards one goal. It’s also proof of the good that SEO is capable of.

We sent out the call for SEO Heroes, and many have already answered. Count yourself among these SEO Heroes. Sign up now!